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Aravind Krishna was born in India Andhra Pradesh district west Godavari , some years back he worked with indian army as an army chief officer. Aravind Krishna was born in west Godavari. he is completed his 10th standard education at stanes schools in tamilanadu , and graduate from indian institute of technology ,Kanpur, india and phd in electrical and computer engineering from the university of lllino at urbana champaign.

Born : 1962 Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India[1][2]
Education : IIT Kanpur (B.Tech)
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (PhD)
Occupation : Business executive
Known for 10th CEO of IBM (effective from April 6th, 2020)
Height : 170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Title : SVP of IBM
Predecessor : Ginni Rometty

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when he was joined IBM: aravind krishna joined in ibm in the year of 1990 ,he is rising become a senior vice president for IBM’S Aand also working other company name of cognitive software after 30 years he was appointed to become a IBM ceo on january 31st,2020.

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indian tecnology peoples successing there life in tech filed thre are 3 most intiligent indian softwares rules in technology like sundar pichai he is a CEO of google and satya nadella he is most intiligent person working with microsoft CEO and now join most power full person aravind Krishna CEO of IBM Last ibm CEO virginia m.rometty she is the first lady ceo now Aravind krishna become a ceo of ibm he Shows indian peoples power world wide


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