Rojulu Marayi Review And Rating, Story, Talk, 1st Day Collections

Rojulu Marayi Movie Review & Rating: Rojulu Marayi ( Telugu Movie ) is a notable film that is hitting the theatres for this Friday. The rojulu marayi movie is having a good buzz. With no solid competition, the makers have come with an interesting promotional strategy and have promoted their film in an interesting manner. They made use of several options available for them to be on the limelight. In the process, the lead actors of the film interacted with the students of Vignan’s Institute of Management and Technology for Women. Students and Rojulu Marayi team spoke about the change in the society and lifestyle with time and also took part in some fun activities too.

 Rojulu Marayi Movie Rating: 2.5/5

Rojulu Marayi Review And Rating, Story, Talk, Collections

Rojulu Marayi Review And Rating, Story, Talk, 1st Day Collections, Rojulu marayi movie review, rojulu marayi movie rating
Rojulu Marayi

Rojulu Marayi Movie P Review Story:

The film Rojulu Marayi stars Chethan, Parvatheesam, Tejaswi and Krithika in the lead roles. The story and screenplay of the film is provided by the top director Maruthi who is busy with the film Babu bangaram now. Also, the cinematpgraphy for the film is being handled by Bal Reddy. The editing department for the film is looked after by noted editor Uddhav. Ravi Varma Namburi has penned the dialogues for the film. Murali is the director who is making the debut as a director with the film. The film is being presented by Dil Raju, popular distributor cum producer who also owns the production house Sri venkateswara creations. The film is being produced by G. Srinivas Rao. Good Cinema Group in association with SVC & Maruthi Talkies is producing the film.

Your View On Rojulu Marayi Movie :

Rojulu Marayi Movie Cast and Crew details:

Audio of Rojulu Marayi has received a tremendous response and the reviews from the censor board were positive. They have specially appreciated the film and the makers for coming out with an interesting subject. Censor board members are happy with the laughs spread by this love story and have appreciated the team for their good work. Stay tuned with us for geting more interesting details regarding the film.

Audience response / Celebrities Talk Twitter Tweets On Rojulu Marayi Movie:

  • God of Masses ‏@ImkaNTRi Says
    Super entertaining 1st Half
    Paravateesam one man show ?? #RojuluMarayi
  • Bittuuu !! ‏@tharungstars Says
    2 weeks nundi okka movie chudale theater lo ?
    Have to watch one dis weekend
    #RojuluMarayi Dilraju banner kabbati should try
  • MyTollywoodMovies ‏@mytollymovies Says
    1st half- starts of slow but ends on a good suspense note #LIVE from @DirectorMaruthi @TejaswiMadivada @kruthika117’s #RojuluMarayi
  • PremChand ‏@Premchandsayz Says
    Ammailu andharu manchollu kadhu. Abbailu antha chedollu kadhu #RojuluMarayi ?? entertainment at its best.

Rojulu Marayi Complete Review From Critics: 

Yet another interesting film is up for a release now and the film Rojulu marayi released today. The film is currently in the theatres. The film starts with a good point but the director failed to take it to the end in a convincing manner which is the biggest disappointment. Also, the film when it comes to the first half of Rojulu Marayi, the film has been entertaining throughout but the film lacks the needed interesting narration. The first half is engaging and brings you some good laughs here and there and when you feel that everything is going fine, the story of the film will never get revealed or the narration makes you feel bad for the film.

The film is completely predictable throughout but the hilarious comedy makes the movie passable and bearable. If not for that, the movie could have been a biggest test for the patience especially in the second half of the film. The songs have been decent and on the whole the first half has been impressive with no much drawbacks. But when it comes to the second half of the film, the second half is the major spoiler as the film fails to recreate the magic that was expected by the audiences. The complete second half has been dragged and it dominates the few good moments in the first half. The second half is a complete disappointment.

As the film’s story is predictable, the makers could have employed an interesting plot so that the narration would have been interesting. Nothing like that happens in the film and predictable things kills the interest in the audience. There are many unnecessary and irritating scenes in the film which could have been cut by the editor. These unwanted episodes ruined the run time of the film. The screenplay is not so impressive. There is nothing new that the film deals with. The music has been refreshing and so is the background score. but it could not save the film. The cinematography by Balreddy is very nice and engaging. The makers maintained proper production values in the film.

Debutant Murali fails to make much impact with his first film. he neither creates the interest with the narration nor takes the story forward. The performances are good in the film and all the actors did well in their limitations. Parvatheesam is the major highlight in the film who entertains with his energetic performance. The hot lady Tejaswi Madiwada has been energetic, glamorous and tries to make a mark. She has given her best for the film. The debut actor Chetan is just okay and he needs to work more on various things. Also, the other girl Kruthiks is good in the role she was given and performs well. The film Rojulu Marayi is good in parts and it is not completely impressive.

Positives :

  • Parvatheesham
  • Tejaswi
  • Performances
  • Music

Negatives :

  • Slow Narration
  • Story
  • Screenplay

Final Verdict : Rojulu Marayi Is Good In Parts

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Rojulu marayi movie review, rojulu marayi movie rating
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