Rangoon 1st Day Collection, 1 Day Box Office Collections

Rangoon Movie 1st Day / first day Collection, Day 1 / opening day Box Office Collections : Now that the film Rangoon has already been released in the theatres. Rangoon has been getting some very good positive reviews from the movie. The buzz reveals that the film is a period drama and After the shocking murders of her husband and son, Laura Bowman played by Patricia Arquette travels to Burma with her sister and Andy Frances McDormand, to find the peace. There she witnesses protest against the government and the military’s violent response. As the things proceed by in the film Rangoon, Burma enters into military lockdown.

Rangoon 1st Day Collection, 1 Day Box Office Collections

Rangoon 1st Day Collection, 1 Day Box Office Collections, rangoon collection, rangoon movie collection

Laura loses her passport and is unable to leave the country which makes the situation worse. What happens next reveals the entire plot of the movie in an interesting manner. Kangana Ranaut tries her best to save Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon. The performances of the film are impressive. All the actors in Rangoon did well in the movie. Though there are some mixed reviews for the movie, everyone is pretty confident about the movie doing well. Along with actress Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan form a love triangle in Rangoon doing it the best one and impressive for the actors.

Rangoon First Day Collection Domestic india : 7 Crores 

Rangoon Movie 1st Day Box Office Collection Overseas World Wide include Collection From Premier Shows, Benefit Shows Dubai, UAE : 1 Cr

Rangoon Total Collections For The 1 Day / Opening Day Is : 8 Cr  or more

There is a good positive buzz for the movie now. The collections of the film are also expected to be pretty much good. The film’s collections are going to be interesting for sure. The day one collection of the movie Rangoon will certainly be the best one and also raising the interest. Rangoon collections will certainly set a benchmark for the films made in the genre like this. Already the trade experts are pretty sure and are curious to know the collections of the movie. The first day collections of the movie Rangoon are also expected to be more for the films in the recent times. Stay tuned with us for more details about Rangoon collections.

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  • rishikanth‏@r1sh1k4nth
    A pointless, plotless,baseless,story in first half was good,2nd half ruined this movie.

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