Nakshatram Review And Rating, Story, Talk, 1st / first Day Collections

Nakshatram Review And Rating, Story, Talk, 1st / first Day Collections

Nakshatram Review And Rating, Story, Talk, 1st Day Collections
Nakshatram Review And Rating, Story, Talk, 1st Day Collections

Release date: August 04,2017 rating : 2.5/5

Director : Krishna vamshi

Producers : K. Srinivasulu, S. Venugopal, Sajju

Music Director : Mani Sharma , Bheems

Starring : Sundeep Kishan, Sai Dharam Tej, Regina Cassandra, Pragya Jaiswal

NAKSHATRAM STORY: A young boy is made to realise that the police form the backbone of society and every cop is equilized to Lord Hanuman, the protector. He then makes up his mind about becoming a cop when he grows up.​ At a run time of two hours and forty five minutes, the film, at best, makes you want to erase your memory of having watched the film in first place. Make no mistake, Nakshatram is one of the most tedious and pointless films made in recent times. We are often told that “time is precious”. Several films, over the years, have explored this concept through the eyes of its protagonists, who must do everything they can to survive. But what if the concept was told from the point of view of the audience? That’s the feeling you’re left with while watching Krishna Vamsi’s latest film Nakshatram

Nakshatram MOVIE REVIEW : Nakshatram is about a young bloke, Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan) who dreams of becoming a police officer. Three generations of his family have served in the police department and Rama Rao wants to follow suit. His doting mother, uncle Seetha Ram (Sivaji Raja), and his girlfriend (Regina) go out of their way to help Rama Rao to achieve his goal. However, his dream hits a roadblock when Rahul (Tanish), son of police commissioner (Prakash Raj), plays spoilsport. Elsewhere, the police commissioner himself is in search of Alexander.The rest of the story is about how Rama Rao breaks every rule in the book to make his dream come true and what happens to Alexander. In a parallel universe, the plot of Nakshatram would have sounded quite timely, especially with the whole drug scandal that has rocked the city of Hyderabad. In this film too, there’s a sub-plot of drug peddling and supply of illegal weapons. But do not get any ideas. Because the film isn’t about that. It doesn’t even try to address the issue at large. No matter how hard I try to understand the purpose behind making this film, I fall short of deciphering this puzzle. Nothing makes sense. Long after having watched the film, when I try to think about what Nakshatram tries to convey and how it has been structured, it becomes evident that Krishna Vamsi wants us to contemplate about the lack of morality in our society. Rama Rao is a honest man and the police department is filled with a lot of such people; however, owing to several pressures from higher officials, politicians, and the rats within, very few people are able to stand upright and do their duty. There’s a character named Mukhtar, who is an illegal arms supplier. Tollywood’s obsession with glorifying cops needs no introduction, but if that obsession leads someone to make a film like Nakshatram, then it’s high time to take a break and look at greener pastures. Truth is, Nakshatram left me both sad and angry. And that’s not something which you want to feel after watching a film. All I care about right now is what pill to pop to calm my nerves. Will morphine do the trick? I don’t know. But I do know for sure that watching Nakshatram could turn out to be injurious to health and causes severe migraine. You’ve been warned.

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