Modi’s Impressive Speech On Independence Day

Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister Delivers Independence Day Address From Red Fort in Delhi and he has made an impact with his speech on everyone. He proved to be a different personality and a person with vision. Narendra Modi on Monday decried recent terrorist violence in Jammu and Kashmir. He also said the inflation rate has dropped to 6 percent and gave examples of national progress since he assumed office. He also made several interesting points on Independence Day. The PM openly came out in support of “freedom” for Balochistan and “Pakistan-occupied Kashmir” and stressed the need for social harmony in India.

Modi’s Impressive Speech On Independence Day


During his Independence Day speech, Narendra Modi talked about Pakistani atrocities on people of Balochistan and PoK. Also, It is good to do a scrutiny for the speech of Modi on the occasion of Independence Day. Note 3,763 km of new railway lines in the last two years compared to 1500 km in the last TEN years. A ten fold increase in the laying of new railway lines. It is also surprising that he didn’t give figures on new highway constructions; they are also impressive with about 18 km of new highways per day. “I have tried to adopt the strategy of ‘Reform, Perform and Transform’; tried to avoid populism. I have tried to adopt the strategy of ‘Reform, Perform and Transform’; tried to avoid populism. The onus is on the 125 crore people of India to convert this ‘Swaraj’ into ‘Surajya’.” says Modi.
“We have expectations from our government. Earlier generations did not care much or even if they did, there was no way to show/ask for something. Nevertheless it’s a good speech. I hope the Kashmir issue is solved soon. No point celebrating independence while shooting pellets into the face of our own people.” revealed a person on social media about his speech.

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