Manchu Vishnu’s Wife Starts New School

Manchu family successfully runs the institution Sree Vidya Nikethan at Tirupathi but due to several obvious reasons, a new school has come into the existence now from the same family. Manchu Vishnu’s wife Veronica along with his husband support has started New York Academy now which will be maintained with International and Amercian standards. The details about the institution and also the other details and reasons regarding starting this new school has been given by Veronica in her Facebook post.

“I take pride in introducing my newest baby, New York Academy, a school which makes me wish I could go back to my childhood; a school I have dreamed about for my children, Ari and Vivi. I looked back at my education in the US and saw what was lacking here in Hyderabad. And that is how NYA was conceptualized. A lot of thought, heart and soul went into this baby. And I say baby because the idea had to be nurtured and turned from a vision into a passion.” veronica posted.


“God, thank you for leading us and showing us the way. Thank you Vishnu for helping me turn OUR dream into reality. Thank you C.C. Reddy Thatha for instilling in me your passion for educating young minds, and I hope that you are watching from the Heavens and I hope I can make you proud. YSR Peddananna, I know how much you wanted to see me lead a business, and here I am today; wish you were here. Mom, Dad, Mohan Babu uncle, and my entire family and friends thank you for believing in me and supporting me.

Now, Welcome to New York Academy… It all begins here!” Veronica revealed on her Facebook.

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  1. go and start school in usa why new york school in india ? fu88 off

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