Funny April Fools Day Pranks, Ideas, Jokes, sms, whatsapp status, fb dp, photos, wallpapers, Quotes, Wishes

Funny April Fools Day Pranks, April Fools Day Ideas, Jokes, sms, april fool 2017 whatsapp status, fb dp, photos, wallpapers : April 1st is back. The first day in the month of April is celebrated as April Fools day . The april fools day has a crazy specialty, which is nothing but making friends or someone else fool. Simply we can call it making fools by doing pranks. In fact, it’s not a must day to celebrate and this day even doesn’t have great importance in history. The day fool’s day celebrated funnily with friends and classmates. The celebration of the april day is unlike other festivals. The day is for making fools, so making fools is not a kind of simple thing, I guess you know. we will update you on how to april fool a friend on april fools day ..

Funny April Fools Day Pranks, Ideas, Jokes, sms, whatsapp status, fb dp, photos, wallpapers, Quotes, Wishes

Funny April Fool Day Pranks, Ideas, Jokes, sms, whatsapp status, fb dp, photos, wallpapers, april fool day ideas for friends class mates, images, pics, gallery, facebook dp pictures
April Fool Day

Funny April Fools Day Ideas For Classmates, Friends, text Messages, Sms, quotes, Wishes : 

People on the day of April 1st think about plenty of views to make their friends fool. But in fact, it’s not that much easy to make someone fool. You need an extraordinary way to make smart person fool. Many might think it’s easy to make someone fool, in fact if you are clever you can make someone fool easily. What if the other also clever like you? It’s not that much easy or simple to make a clever fool! so try your creativity. Try your imagination power and do something unique and the best. I have some April fool ideas. I thought to share them here and help you to make your friends fool

April Fools Day Wallpapers, Photos, Images, Pics For Facebook Dp Pictures And Whatsapp Status :

After lots of research, I get to know that, it’s not that much easy to make someone fool. so follow your creativity, do according to your plan of action and if you ask me, what is the best idea of making someone fool, then my answer will be “Use your smartness and maintain timing”. If you get these two perfectly, then you can make anyone fool on April 1st.

Funny April Fools Day Pranks, Ideas, Jokes, sms, whatsapp status, fb dp, photos, wallpapers, Quotes, Wishes

  1. Lol I made you fool by not giving you any April Fool idea ?
  2. I just used by smartness, looks silly but it’s a professional way of making someone fool ?
  3. stop scolding me, keep calm! let’s make someone Fool on this April Fool’s day!
  4. Well, how do you thought to make someone fool on April Fool day? Well, it’s not a kind of easy job and do you know something its always happy to listen in what way we have done fool to someone! well, let me share how I made someone fool on this April fool’s day!
  5. Well, i have created a Dummy contact with some text representing an offer or deal or promo code, later I have shared that contact overall groups in WhatsApp and made people fool’s. Many became fools with a single contact sharing in WhatsApp. Well’s it’s a quite easy way isn’t it? If you want to get that SMS to be shared in your WhatsApp then png us in Whatsapp @ +918121755389

April Fools Day Shayari, Sms, Text MEssages, Wishes, Quotes Sayings in hindi, telugu, tamil, english, french, malayalam, kannada : 

  • 1:Advance April F00l SMS
    31st March 0r 1st April
    F00l is F00l d0esn’t matter.
    Wishing very happy, pr0sper0us & j0yful
    F00l Day 2 D King 0f F00ls.
  • Really
    imp0ssible 2 make u F00L
    C0S u r F00L
  • In larki0n se dil lagana ek bh00l hai
    In k peeche itna bhagna faz00l hai
    Jis din kisi larki ne keh diya “I L0VE U”
    2u samajh jana us din APRIL F00L hai.
  • is 0n watch 4 any high jinks, h0rseplay
    0r shenanigans 2day. D0n’t even think ab0ut it.
  • u can always tell a real friend: when
    u’ve made a f00l 0f urself he d0esn’t
    feel u’ve d0ne a permanent j0b.
  • I may 4get 2 wish u 0n Diwali,
    Christmas 0r even New Year;
    But I am very thankful 2 G0d that
    I remember & wish u 0n a very
    special day meant 4 pe0ple like u.
    Happy April F00l!

Wish you happy april fool day viewers 😉

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  1. thansk for whatsapp status happy aprial fools day

  2. What did newspapers do last year on April Fools’ day?

    It’s not all doom and gloom every day in a newspaper office – and once a year the papers, including sometimes The Telegraph, try to trick you with a prank story. 😛

  3. Happy aprial fools day fnrds have a blast

  4. Happy aprial fools day fnrds have a blast 😀 :D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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