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Dora Movie Review & Rating: Dora is a telugu movie dubbed from tamil, The thriller format is always the best format for attaining the success because all the people who are associated with the film will get success big time. And also for the producers, it is always a safe bet to make some profits. These days, our Telugu producers are remaking and dubbing Tamil thrillers to telugu and are making money. Another interesting Tamil dubbing film is gearing up for the release now As Dora movie on this Friday. Jackson Durai is the film title in Tamil. Jackson Durai is an upcoming Tamil horror comedy film witten and directed by Dharani Dharan.

 Dora Movie Rating: 2/5

Directed by Dharani Dharan
Produced by M. S. Sharavanan
Written by Dharani Dharan
Starring Sathyaraj
Bindu Madhavi
Music by Siddharth Vipin
Cinematography Yuvraj
Edited by Vivek Harshan
Sri Green Productions
Release dates
  • July 1, 2016
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget 5 crs

Dora Review And Rating, Story, Talk, 1st Day Collections

Dora Review And Rating, Story, Talk, 1st Day Collections, dora movie review, dora movie rating
Dora Movie

Dora Movie P Review Story:

The film is titled as Dora in Telugu. Dora movie stars Sibiraj, Sathyaraj and Bindu Madhavi in the leading roles, while Karunakaran plays an important role. The makers have planned innovative promotions for the film and in the process they also made available an Android App about this movie which is available in Tamil but there is no app for Dora. The film Dora has good technicians on board which made it easy for the making. The film’s shoot started in May 2015 and was completed in October 2015. In the span of five months, the makers could have wrapped up the entire shoot. But the delay is because of the time that was killed in the post production phase.

Your View On Dora Movie :

Dora Movie Cast and Crew details:

Dora film story was set in the 1940s with Sathyaraj, Rajendran and American actor Zachary signed on for pivotal roles. The makers of Dora have apparently spent a budget of 5 crore rupees for completing the film. The satellite rights of the film Jackson Durai were sold to Sun TV and it is still unknown about the film’s satellite rights in telugu version. Keep watching this space for interesting details about the film review and we will bring you the live uodates..

Audience response / Celebrities Talk Twitter Tweets On Dora Movie:

Dora Complete Review From Critics: 

One more horror film released today with the title Dora. This is the official remake of the film Jackson Durai. Like most horror films, here also Dora houses a haunted bungalow, situated at a village. The consequences that happen when everyone avoid to reach the bungalow reveals the plot line of the story. Like what exactly happens in these films, the film was made in tha routine style and format. All the villagers restrain themselves from stepping out of their houses after 9PM and try to make much galatta by hyping about the ghost. Sibiraj, who comes across as a policeman, is sent to this village to carry out an investigation and throw some light on the unusual happenings around the bungalow. he finally lands himself in the bungalow and what happens next is going to turn interesting and this is what happens usually in all such films.

Sibiraj falls in love with Bindu Madhavi. After a while, Sibiraj wanted to marry Bindu madhavi and he approaches her father with a marriage proposal, and he meets Karunakaran, a relative of Bindu, who’s been waiting in the pipeline to marry her. Bindu’s father asks both Sibi and Karuna to stay in the haunted bungalow for few days and that whoever makes it alive out of the place will get to marry his daughter. This is the predictable conflict point in the plot line and from this everything turns completely predictable and makes us feel bad and boring. Except Yogi Babu, nobody else has managed to evoke laughter, which is one of the weakest links of this film. There is no proper manner in the screenplay and hence the film looks un appealing.

Sibiraj looks out of place and is a serious miscast. Sathyaraj’s character might make you wonder why he took up this role in the first place. However, the veteran has done what is required. But still he might have did it for his son and it is not impressive. After a promising first half, the film fails in the second half and when we look for something good to happen in the second half of the film, it completely fails. The second half is a major drawback of the film. The film created some amount of buzz and entertained us in both half but some where movie is lacked.

Yuvraj’s cinematography, along with the first half, are the few bright spots in the technical department. Siddharth Vipin’s background score is apt. The film has a weak writing. And on a whole, the film fails to impress.

Positives :

  • Satyaraj
  • Peformances
  • BGM

Negatives :

  • Run Time
  • Second Half
  • Story
  • Screenplay

Final Verdict : Chudodhu Dora

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dora movie review, dora movie rating
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