Chalaki Chanti Finally Got Engaged

jabardasth Fame Chanti Got Engaged today : Chalaki Chanti the popular comedian and one of the team leader in the popular comedy show titled Jabardasth Comedy Show which is a weekly episode of entertainment telecasted in ETV channel presented by Mallemala Productions. Chalaki Chanti a popular comedian who has good name and leap of faith in movies and also in popular comedy shows. Though he is a young talented comedian, still not yet married. Since a long time, people making his fun saying that he still didn’t got married. Fortunately by god’s grace, earlier today Chalaki Chanti Engaged and the marriage date not yet known.

Chalaki Chanti Finally Got Engaged

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chalaki chanti marriage

Pic Taken from official Fb Profile of chalaki chanti

Chalaki Chanti a renown comedian in movies and tv shows, who worked a lot to acquire a good position in TV industry and film industry apparently he has everything today but still he didn’t get married, that became his major drawback and also, he is being made fun with that statement. In order to shut their mouth, and in order to fulfil the disability Better half he decided to get married. As a chance and by luck he got a good girl to marry, and earlier today he got engaged to her in front of his friends and family.

Chalaki Chanti engagement went in a traditional way with all the formalities in front of his family members. His engagement news gets to know to the world when he shared his engagement pics in his Facebook Handle. He shared his engagement pics on his facebook wall by a status saying

Friends it done 🙂
Got engaged.. 🙂 meet my better half.. ‪#‎life ‬‪#‎moments‬

 Here are few pics of Chalaki Chanti engagement which we gathered from his social network profile Facebook.
May his relation stay long lasting with all joys and happiest moments. Let’s join together and congratulate Chalaki Chanti on his life’s happiest moment.
Hope people stop making fun on his marriage 😛 in fact, it’s an end to popular joke! Lol!

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