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Brahmotsavam Movie Review & Rating : Brahmotsavam Is A Telugu Movie, Superstar Mahesh Babu has been busy with his next project titled Brahmotsavam and the Brahmotsavam movie completed shoot recently. Sreekanth Addala directed the Brahmotsavam film that is one of the most awaited summer releases this year. This brahmotsavam family entertainer has Samantha, Kajal, Praneetha as the heroines and Mickey J Mayor composed the music. Rathnavelu is the cinematographer for the movie and the movie has a huge star cast lined up throughout. Prasad V Potluri produced the movie on PVP Cinema banner. Mahesh pinned huge hopes on the movie and the theatrical trailer along with the music have been receiving good response from the audience all over. check below brahmotsavam review and rating from critics. 

 Brahmotsavam Movie Rating: 1.75/5

Directed by  Sreekanth Addala
Produced by  Prasad V Potluri
Starring  Mahesh Babu, Samantha, Kajal Agarwal and Praneetha Subash
Music by  Mickey J Mayor
Cinematography  Rathnavelu
 PVP Cinema
Censor Rating  U
Run Time 156 Minutes
Release dates
 May 20th
Country India
Language  Telugu Movie

Brahmotsavam Review And Rating, Story, Talk, Collections

Brahmotsavam Review And Rating, Story, Talk, Collections, brahmotsavam Movie Review Rating
Brahmotsavam Movie

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Brahmotsavam Movie P Review Story / Censor Talk : 

Mahesh has been betting big on his upcoming movie Brahmotsavam which completed all the censor formalities recently. The movie has been awarded clean U certificate from the censor board and has been heaped with praises. The movie passed on without any cuts and the theatrical trailer of the film caught everyone’s attention and raised the expectations on the film. The trailer will leave everyone speechless and the movie has many senior actors like Satyaraj, Revathi, Shiyaji Shindey, Jayasudha and Rao Ramesh in crucial roles. PVP Cinema produced the film which has been made on a massive budget of Rs 75 crores.

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Your View On Brahmotsavam Movie ( audience Poll ) :

Brahmotsavam Movie Cast and Crew details / Expectations :

Superstar Mahesh Babu transformed like he has been never seen before. He has been extremely stunning on screen and his presence is said to be the major highlight of the film. The emotional content and the performances by the lead actors along with the music and the cinematography are said to be the major highlights. Production values by PVP Cinema will leave everyone in surprise and Brahmotsavam will release in over 3000 screens across the world.

Audience response / Celebrities Talk Twitter Tweets On Brahmotsavam Movie:

  • devuduokkade ‏@devuduokkade Says
    15 min ayindhi story loki pora rai #Brahmotsavam
  • DHFM ‏@TrollMaheshFans says
    Revathi sachipodhi
    Samantha sachipodhi
    Janalani kuda sampei ra inka adi matram enduku aapavu THU
    #Brahmotsavam #BrahmotsavamFestivalDays
  • Rahul Sandeep ‏@rahul_sandeep Says
    Pandagalosthe chuttalani kalavadam kadhu Chuttalni kalisina prathi sari pandaga chesukundham #Brahmotsavam @urstrulyMahesh
  • GuddaDengutha ‏@GuddaDengutha Says
    So far so good..Visuals and richness tho nadipichesthunadu addala #Brahmotsavam
  • says
    Movie came out very well
    1st half worked out so well with good interval
    Just a 10 min slow phase of the second half. Rest, all of the second half, is good
    Mahesh Punch dialogues are very lovely to listen
  • Vinod Varma ‏@avgkvarma Says
    Enti second half mari boring and rod antha #Brahmotsavam
  •  Super star krishna ‏@kkdkrishna2 Sayshigh point of the movie is #interval
    one of the best for to addala
    not lagging..feel good second half so far
  •  LA Telugu ‏@latelugu Says#brahmotsavam a slow and steady start with an excellent last 20 minutes towards intermission good first half with terrific performances

Brahmotsavam Complete Review From Critics: 


Brahmotsavam is the story of a pure relation between a father Chantabbayi (Satyaraj) and his son who values relations and emotions rather than money and luxuries. They get huge respect from the people in the society because of which some of their family members (Rao Ramesh) gets irritated. An unexpected situation leads to the sudden demise of Chantabbayi. The rest of the film is how his son carries over the emotions and clears the gap between their families with his acts. Watch Brahmotsavam to know about the movie.


The first half of Brahmotsavam starts with the narration of a beautiful family filled with emotional people all over. As time passes on, the movie dips down completely as it lacks the much needed bonding and relations between them. The songs have been showcased in a hurry and most of the songs come during the first half an hour of the film. The interval episodes have been predictable and the first half ends on a ok note.

The second half of Brahmotsavam doesn’t have the needed content because of which the film drops down completely. The emotional episodes look faked completely and the entire second half tests the audience’s patience. The climax has been decent but it will not make much impact on the audience.


Mahesh looks dazzling and extra smart in the film throughout. He has been outstanding in the emotional episodes. Samantha looks energetic and Kajal has been beautiful. Satyaraj did a decent job and all the other actors have been good with their assigned roles.

The story of the movie has nothing much to say and the screenplay, dialogues kill the complete film. The production values have been oustanding and the cinematography has been eye catchy. Sreekanth Addala disappoints in all the available ways with the movie.

Positives :

  1. Mahesh Babu
  2. Production Values
  3. Star Cast
  4. Cinematography

Negatives :

  • Story
  • Screenplay and Dialogues
  • Direction
  • Second Half

Final Verdict : 

Brahmotsavam is a movie that can be completely ignored as it fails in all the available ways.

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  1. I want to see this film again and again to know accatly what director want to show. Till I didn’t see this type of worst film in telugu. I am great surprised that why mahesh acceptce this film. Soo sad….

  2. Mahesh babu careelo chettha cinema ante bhabhi…anthakante chettha cinema bramhothsavam…ilante chettha stotylatho Mahesh fans ni disappoint cheyoddhu pls…

  3. Meku dannam pedata srikanth addala Garu mahesh fans to adukomakandi

  4. I dnt see this type of movie in my this movie no comedy,no fight ,and no good songs,and no story.even u add one great comedian like Brammanadam it is better.totally worst movie.please dnt play with audience.i request all the tollywood ……please do good movies .

  5. After seeing the movie I really disappointed to the movie director.
    Being a big fan of Mahesh Babu I really feel unhappy. Plz don’t do this type of movie which is not suitable for you Mr. Mahesh.
    Even though I am not a south Indian people I watched every movie of Mahesh Babu and this is the debut boring movie I had ever watch in Telugu industry.

  6. sunil chowdary vemuri

    Iam highly disappointed after seeing these mve.being a mahesh fan l have expected alot but mve contains zero content except mahesh

  7. Family values ani antunaru kani naku e movie lo alanti values em kanapadaledu because father(sathyaraj) chanipothe chudataniki mahesh sister radu, and 2nd half lo India motham thirigi 7generations gurinchi thelusukune badhulu 1st Ghana sister no India ki rapinchadaniki try chesunte bagundedhi

  8. dear Addala sir don’t play serials. we want only movies

  9. First half oka kiss(Bittu) okadu katham…Second half inko bittu andaru katham… good thing is that all songs played one by one in first hour like juke box.
    totally north india tour for only 100Rs.scr

  10. Movie is good, second half is little bit slow, melodious movie and songs and photography are good. Totally a family movie. good.

  11. falthu movie….. People,please dont watch and waste ur money nd valuable time .

  12. An actor of Mahesh’s stature does not require such cheap lip locks the movie completely wasted Mahesh talent and tarnished his image now onwards be careful while hearing the story Mr Babu THE REAL AND ONE AND ONLY SUPERSTAR IS KRISHNA WHO DARES TO MAKE A MOVIE WITHOUT HEROIN .Mahesh you don’t deserve that tag.

  13. Re mahesh babu ga kadha cheppetappudu chevulaku chevudu vachin directer ki mind dobbinda

  14. Babu ikkada memu $22 petti konnanm aa chetta direction ki

  15. Abbo andari coments bhalega unnai.papam chaala disappoint inatlunnaru


  17. Ore addala Niku Brain Dobbinda ra Ni…..yabba ,

    okka Super star tho thiyavalasina movie re idhi.

  18. concept is good, but all charecter audience is not receive this movie

  19. MAHESH – or his fans : Please please chose right story / screen play. You dont have good screen play then why this BRAHMO……………………… ??? FILM is utter boring, confusive roles. None of the actor has a good role to play…. except Satyaraj. 2nd half really NO VALUUEs to one scene. Kajol and Samantha are commercial entry and exist… not VALUE in thier role.

  20. Sir u r screen play is not good, dispointed entire mahii bro fanzzzzz feeling sad.

  21. This movies not good enoght to see bez there is no story, by bad director, shown only value of families.

  22. Pradeep.kollapalli

    sarina Katha lekunda enthamandhi artists vadina emi prayojonam

  23. anti ra babu adi cinema ra baboy nayana srikanth cinema lu tiyya maku ra babu

  24. Hype was so high; every person’s expectations went beyond n above. every song teaser was like, this is going to change industry, ani movie lo act chesina every person tega gopaga cheparu edooo aneskunanu…… ele cheemalu dulupukune steps vuntai ani teledu….. 2 hrs of time lo easy ga 2 home works complete i vundevi

    MAHESH, we like u as a person and your acting you did your best, but sorry, did not like this movie.

  25. The first worst movie of the entire telugu film industry.srikanth addala first you check your braine by going to mental hospital in vizag

    • Srikanth Addala lancham tisukunadu. adnuke mahesh babu ki and fancy ki challa badha kaliginchadu.. I Don’t Like Addala. Srikanth Addala garu Mee Brain challa baga Dobbindi Please Check In Mental Hospital. I am Refer to Good Hospital… Don’t Wast your time lekapote inka Niku BRAIN Potundi.

      Super Star Mahesh babu Garu Please Don’t This type of movies. Thank you sir..

  26. Govindha govindha
    Bramhotsavam govindha
    M movie Ra niiii
    Nduku tisinav pichi movie
    Don’t go to this movie
    Sachi vurukuntaru

  27. addala garu this is too bad , you are make a regret to mahesh fans . better luck next time..

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