Why Did kattappa killed bahubali / baahubali 2 the conclusion Movie Story Leaked On Social Media


Why Did kattappa killed baahubali  : why kattappa killed baahubali / bahubali the most interesting question of 2015. after baahubali part 1 success rajamouli full concentration on baahubali part 2. he recently gave a funny satire answer about why kattappa killed baahubali in a recent interview.

Baahubali / bahubali 2 the conclusion Movie Story Leaked Online: -> The most awaiting film Baahubali had finally gave its output.This movie is receving huge appreciations from everyone. The hardwork done by them had succeded.And now people are eagerly waiting for Baahubali part 2 and waiting for the reason for kattappa killed bahubali / baahubali .But, its shocking to know dat Bahubali part 2 has been issued online.It is also be know dat many movies which was leaked was came out to be true to some extent.Here is the story of Baahubali part 2 which is going crazy on internet.

Why Did kattappa killed bahubali / baahubali 2 the conclusion Movie Story Leaked On Social Media

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baahubali story leaked online, baahubali 2 the conclusion story online, why kattappa killed baahubali trending on social media

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Baahubali / bahubali 2 The Conclusion : Amarendra Baahubali(prabhas) and Ballala deva (Rana) both loved Devasena only.But Devasena likes Baahubali.Both wanted to live together but Baahubali leaves the kingdom due to the non acceptance of his love by his mother.Baahubali and Devasena had lead their life happily. why did kattappa killed Bahubali Is the Big question

                             During this time Ballala deva treats the Mahishmati people as their slaves.Those people shows the disatisfaction toward him.And then Kalakeya brother (charan deep) shoots a war on Mahishmati. Baahubali then knoes the fact that Ballala deva is losing power, and he enters into the scene.
Unfortunately Ballala deva and Bijjala deva joined with kattappa and they lost the life of Bahubali ,and at the same time Devasena gives birth to a baby boy.
Sivagami (Ramya Krishna) saves the baby boy and make him grew up as a tribal boy. With this the flashback part completes.And now shivudu (prabhas) with the support of Avanthika (Tammana) fight against Ballala deva and finally wins the kingdom back .With this the second Part of Bahubali 2 the conclusion Story .. and it reveals why did kattappa killed bahubali / baahubali

Stay tune for why kattappa killed baahubali / bahubali in baahuabli part 2 conclusion story

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Why Did kattappa killed bahubali / baahubali 2 the conclusion Movie Story Leaked On Social Media
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  1. If the end of film will be greate likewise start it will be grate ..other wise I don’t like that…
    But waiting for part 2….!

  2. Baahubali is neither entertainer nor having any clarity,nor Excellancy,What is excellancy? can any body tell?
    Invention of New language.Chandramouli has hallucinations.It is purely the results of it.It can bring 1000 crores.Did the film make any inspiration to younger people.Quality life has improved except Chandramouli and his father.It Is Mere Hype! HyPe!Go to chins.There are 17000 caves at Guilin.Ask villagers.They will tell hundereds interesting Baahubali type stories.He can spend 1 month with them.We Andhrites neverseen
    Avatar,Benhur,Return of the Dragon.Youmust have political especially PM,HM connection and drive hiddenly the great Madras Tricks.Again neither Fan of director,illitrate actors,Jobless youth.The advise donot waste 3 hrs time in theaters.If all of them work those Hours we can make hundereds of polavarams,Ports.Hence i have least respect to chandra mouli wasting resources,Time,otherman.s time.
    Critics are the best Index of Mind.Second part will be flop.Chandra knows well.Make good social story
    which helps in removal of poverty.Mahesh,Pawans films made telugupeople Goondas.All pictures kill! Kill!
    They are useless to society.Govt. ban snake gang tricke in the film,showing fleshes,Even ass has flesh and bones.Donot show all these bones and exhibit hollowness.With chandaras 2 Bahuballi bring OSCAR?
    Avatar! is it partisan film? Chandras and Andhra people Egoism,Multiplies as tthese people Changed society and Quality of life.Dr.Badri

  3. I am not a prabas fan and iam not a rajamoli sir fan also but I like and love the movie bahubali its one of my favourite and best

  4. A small fantasy to unravel the mystery injected by Shri Rajamouli’s Kattapa killing Bahubali –
    Kattapa must have been firstly made to listen to the ballala and his teams’ fabricated lie of bahubali’s death in theirs’ created war seen so that ballala usurps throne and thus ballala being a king orders kattapa-a staunch loyalist and executor to the orders of the throne, to kill the great bahubali….
    Awaiting any sort of correction/ money / gold and kind approval of sri rajamouli sir and beyond that your’s kind blessings. PRK & Team.

  5. kattappa sound like as if he is very loyal to baahubali..atleast thats how he behaved in first part..in the first part it is shown that he regrets killing him..then how come he is going to kill baahubali just because ballaladeva ordered him to do so?

  6. Actually wid my probablities cent prrcent sure dat…kattapa killed bahubali by mistake he dint wantedly kill..he dint knw he stabbed bahubali ..perfectly zoom the soldier costume they are not kalakekaya….itzz rana double game..

  7. If devasena is the daugter of kattappa why wud she called him kattappa,does any daughter call her father by his name.bull shit wait for the movie release in 2016