What IS PV Sindhu’s Caste ? This Search Is Trending On Google & Social media!! What A Shame !!!


What IS PV Sindhu’s Caste ? This Search Is Trending On Google !! What A Shame to India !! : PV Sindhu, the girl who did her hardest best to bring Gold Medal to India failed and won Silver Medal. She is the first women to win Silver Medal for India in Badminton at Rio Olympics 2016. Before semi-finals, no one had attention towards PV Sindhu. Her performance, her play style, her zeal towards winning impressed everyone. Everyone supported her greatly for finals, unfortunately with a small difference she lost the match. Though she is honoured by Indians but at one point, we lost everything. the sad thing is people are searching for pv sindhu caste and  sakshi caste trending on google.

What IS PV Sindhu’s Caste ? This Search Is Trending On Google &  Social media!! What A Shame !!!

What IS PV Sindhu's Caste ? This Search Is Trending On Google !! What A Shame !!, sindhu caste, sindhu age, sindhu from
PV Sindhu

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While the entire India is celebrating the success of two great Indian girls medals, some people busy in knowing the Caste of P V Sindhu. Very Shame. An Indian who did her best to bring pride to India is being insulted by the Query PV Sindhu caste. I guess many of you don’t know about PV Sindhu family. PV Sindhu parents had a love marriage. So here raised the question. What’s the caste of PV Sindhu? In fact, it’s an Inappropriate question. She is an Indian.

As per the observation was done by the experts, it came to know that on the day of Sindhu’s Winning in semi-finals, various people from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Haryana did a maximum of searches regarding PV Sindhu Caste. The Even same thing happened with Sakshi Malik. On the same day, Sakshi Malik won a medal in Rio Olympics after some time people started searching for Sakshi Malik Caste. Which is entirely inappropriate

Now on the global stage, it is proved that India is a country where native people fight themselves for caste. Many proved that they have feelings regarding Caste. Initially, it is the government which started caste feelings in Indians. With the Name of Reservation, it all started. Till date to today, every people fighting with the name of Caste. If you are really talented, if you are really born to achieve something, then caste is a small matter. Hope future generation will stay away from all these feelings, lead a happy, equal and unity feeling forever.

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