Usain Bolt Wins Gold in Men’s 100-Meter Final


The Rio Olympic games have been going on in an interesting manner. The other news is that Usain Bolt, the Jamaican Sprinter Wins Gold in Men’s 100-Meter Final for His 3rd Straight Olympics. Usain Bolt has been an inspiration for many in running and he has made it again by winning a gold. Usain Bolt must be appreciated for all the hard work he does for his country. Usain Bolt, who was aged 29, completed Sunday’s race in 9.81 seconds and became the first Olympian to win the event three times in a row. Justin Gatlin of the U.S. won silver and Canada’s Andre De Grasse won bronze medal.

Usain Bolt Wins Gold in Men’s 100-Meter Final


Justin-Gatlin finished second to Bolt in a quick race separated by .07 seconds! But the performance from Bolt was sincere and impressive. He made it big yet again! In an age where fame is ephemeral, in a sport where the twinge of a hamstring or a toe out of the blocks can end a race, Bolt has never gave up about his performance and has improved it constantly. Usain Bolt is ultimately a Greatest sprinter in the World and he’s humble and simple too! He has also put a good combinations in a Sportsman!

Jamiaca country must be really proud of him. Usain Bolt has made History at ease in 9.81sec (best times 9.58sec). Put it down to determination and confidence in his ability to deliver! He has the caliber of still making it to the top. Usain Bolt dashed 100-meter in 9.81 seconds. The fastest man on this planet for last 12yrs won three Olympic Golds.  He never let himself go all out and I wonder how fast can he really run? He just runs ahead of his competition but his win is a testament to his faith as he gives God the glory each time before his start. And he is Usain Bolt.

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