Udta Punjab 1st / 2nd Day Collection, 2 Days Box Office Collections


Udta Punjab Movie 2nd day / second collection ( opening Day ) , 2 Days / two days Box Office ( B O ) Collections, total income and profit details till now :  Now that the film Udta Punjab is finally in the theatres, the makers of the film are now looking into the business aspects. The udta punjab movie unit is pretty much excited for the interesting box office reports for their film as it is the key in validating the success of a film. The makers are currently very much excited with the way they are receiving appreciations from every nook and corner of the country. The film deals with a great subject and most importantly it has its own soul in the story. The significant part of the film is to maintain the true essence and true terrific point perfectly without making any big compromises. The film has a great admiration from everyone. check below for udta punjab collection for the 2nd day.

Highest OPENING DAY biz of 2016:
#Fan ₹ 19.20 cr
#HF3 ₹ 15.21 cr
#Airlift ₹ 12.35 cr
#Baaghi ₹ 11.94 cr
#UdtaPunjab 10.05 cr
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Udta Punjab 2nd Day Collection, 2 Days Box Office Collections

Udta Punjab 1st Day Collection, Day 1 Box Office Collections, first day, opening day
Udta Punjab Movie

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The film is one amazing one we have seen on Indian screen. The lead actors SHAHID KAPOOR and ALIA BHATT were more than just amazing in the film in the respective roles they were allocated to play and also DILJIT DOSANJH has got a wonderful debut with this film as one might not easily expect or estimate that it could happen in one or the other manner. The film Udta Punjab is made with an amazing story line, wonderful screenplay and brilliant direction. There are several elements that are too good in the film. The comedy in the film especially worked out well. Udta Punjab is not just a two n half hour work of entertainment but infact it’s a reflection of society. The reality was shown without any changes.

Udta punjab Second day Domestic / Worldwide / Overseas and Two Days  box office ( B O)  collections Total As below

1st Day  10.05 Cr
2nd Day


 11.25 Cr

21.30 Crores

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There are so many classic films on Indian screen and Udta Panjab will remain as one such classic in the history of Indian cinema as the film is completely worthy of every penny that is spent on it. Also the film is worth all the waiting, hype and beyond that has been generated. A film that is no less than any world class cinema. A must watch film this weekend.

Some Tweets About UDta Punjab Collection : 
  • Arka Mukherjee [email protected] Says
    @anuragkashyap72 #UdtaPunjab i’d watch it at at the theatre. Review kuch bhi aye. Anything with your creds on it, is worth watching.
  • taran adarsh [email protected]_adarsh Says
    #UdtaPunjab had a STRONG Fri… Best in North India [Delhi, Punjab]… Plexes across big cities VERY GOOD… Fri ₹ 10.05 cr. India biz.
  • taran adarsh [email protected]_adarsh Says
    #UdtaPunjab Fri 10.05 cr, Sat 11.25 cr. Total: ₹ 21.30 cr. India biz… All set for ₹ 34 cr [+/-] opng weekend… Biz on weekdays crucial.
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  1. Awsome movie.worth to watch.amazing direction,acting of shahid and diljit and alia,kareena…i feel this kind of movies reality based films are good to watch…….who is gabru…..

  2. It’s good movie for young youth but film maker totally focused in current political enviorment and curreption. Then give for good after in film script writer alia acting is owsome.total avarage movei not give any solution regarding this problem.

  3. It is a film which is being made political use of by one political party where elections are due….the drug problem is a general problem in the country and delhi has more percentage of drug addicts than punjab….so there is something fishy about this film and its naming…avoid it….

  4. Fantastic Movie… This movie is on dark subject so dont expect any fun. Go and watch for performances, direction, and reality… its worth watching Udta Punjab.

  5. Very perturbed by the movie udta Punjab! It’s about drugs and intoxication.. To me any kind of addiction is bad. Drinking is the starting point wherein u lose control on ur mind and senses. What’s d big idea of becoming senseless by intoxicating urself. Plz this generation needs to know the difference between enjoyment .. Intoxication and addiction. Love life and live life!say no to drugs?