Pre release talk: Thumbs up for zanjeer!

It’s Thursday and is the time for previews usually but the curiosity looks to be building up about the film ‘Zanjeer’ all around. The first official ‘review’ of the film from none other than Subhash K Jha has been published which has the bottomline saying “Ram Charan makes an impressive Bollywood debut. We can safely say he is the man among the boys. Go for it” While Zanjeer couldn’t evoke a great enthusiasm till now and Bollywood Pundits writing it off saying it could be just another remake and yet another South star flexing his muscles in Mumbai, today ‘Zanjeer This Friday’, the official Twitter page of the film also stood out as the third most trending item worldwide. And the review by Subhash K Jha is no less than an endorsement to the fans of Zanjeer worldwide.
Excerpts from the review:-
  • “Unlike Ram Gopal Varma’s remake of Sholay, which was purely misguided, and Karan Malhotra’sAgneepath, which was unnecessarily brutal, Zanjeer is just what a remake should be…”
  • “What makes Vijay Khanna in the new Zanjeer special is the plot- mechanics which put him in time- worn situations, but subject him to dramatic dynamics that give the prototypical Angry Cop a renewed riveting life of violent score- settling.”
  • “Ram Charan brings in an entirely unique brand of silent satyagraha to his character. “
  • “The momentum never slackens even when Vijay Khanna gets down to expressing tender thoughts for the fast-talking befuddled and disoriented NRI girl Mala”
  • “Sanjay Dutt steps splendidly into Pran’s part. His sequences, though limited by the actor’s physical unavailability, show the sensitive side to his aggressive personality”
So, Is Zanjeer going to be the next big thing in Bollywood … Let’s “ait for tomorrow…
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