Masala Telugu Movie Audio Review





1) Ninnu Choodani

Singers– Ranjith,Shreya Ghoshal.

The songs starts with a heavy note and moves into classical theme,can say just this song will be a album hit,sometimes singers will enhance the song by their voices,shreya goshal will give life to the lyrics and usic with her soothing voice.

Rating- 4/5.



2) Kottlallo okkadey

Singers- Shankar mahadevan

None believe that the song is sung by shanker mahadevan unless he is a music lover because the song seems that u have heard it somewhere like in Ram’s kandireega which have scope to dance.i felt that mahadevan’s voice will sound good for a melodious and slow song.u will catch a word ‘bobbili raja’ which is a venkatesh movie title so we can expect this on him with some dance.

Rating- 2/5.



3) Meenakshi Meenakshi

Singers- Suchith Sureshan,M.M.Manasi.

Singer suchith sureshan voice makes u listen once again,u will stop while listening to know that whether it is sung by karthik because it seems like that,but the music reminds u kick songs u know the magic of thaman maybe he don’t like people to forget the ols songs also.

Rating- 4.5/5



4) Acharey Acharey

Singers – Ranjith,bindu.

Again this is also a mass number which have scope to dance,atlast u will hear the female voice makes u to listen just for a while but the song is so clumsy,it is a song just have voices and music just to compliment that to dominated music.

Rating- 2.5/5.



5) Masala

Singers- Rahul nambiar,Ranjith,Bindu.

This song is a massy number which is title track will make your head nod for sometime,music will be same throughout the song.not to lengthy but just 2:30 mins,so u can bare that.

Rating- 2/5.


Finally there Is no one song which is catchy one,if you don’t like to receive incoming calls then you can opt thaman songs as caller tune(just kidding),hope u will enjoy atleast one song for sure,if u notice all the albums of thaman u wont findout good lyrics maybe his music dominates it or there is no meaning.For melody and soft song lovers you can choose ninnu choodani and meenakshi meenakshi.

Overall rating-2.5/5.


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