He made me pregnant for 10th time : Vidya Balan


Bollywood dirty bold actress Vidya Balan once again stands in top list by a controversial and shocking comments. Vidya balan married long back is not yet a mom and she is expected to be mother very soon is mostly heard rumor in Bollywood and there is no end to these rumors as every single day there are plenty of such rumors comingout. 

Recently Vidya balan is included in Mother’s list by a Magazine which leads to one more rumor that she is hiding her pregnancy, well reacting on these rumors is turning a daily hobby for Vidya balan and shockingly she is rumored to be pregnant for 10th time and reacting all these rumors Vidya balan said that she is not interested in this news at all and they should really come out with new news. 

“This is the tenth time they called me as pregnant.Okay, for the tenth time in 10 months, (laughs) this is faster than Gandhari. I don’t know at what rate she produced but I definitely beat her to it and it doesn’t even show!’ I have broken Gandhari’s record,”Vidya quipped.


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