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Krish 3 movies starts from the scene where the earlier krish movie ended.By using the solar power technology Rohit Mehra (Hrithik Roshan) tries to build life for the non living things.Along with him the old Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka chopra stays in the same house.In the mean time Kaal (vivek oberoi) does the business by keeping fear as his investment,Mutant Kaaya (Kangana Ranaut) who was born with the DNA help of Kaal helps him in this business. Krish is not able to stop the process of kaal ,who is trying to spread a virus around Mumbai by using the DNA.Rohit Mehra tries to find a solution for this virus.Whether Kaal successfully full filled his task or krish stopped his task,Well you have to watch it on the big screen.

Performances :

Hrithik Roshan who played two roles in the movie has shown excellent variation between both the characters.He did justification to the both roles of koyi milgaya and Krish.His screen presence is very good.Priyanka chopra has a very small role in this movie.Kangana ranaut played a very good role.Vivek Oberai didn’t played the villain role very well.

  • Technical Deparment –

  • Rakesh Roshan the director of the movie tried to introduce few English movie concepts with this movie.But he missed a small logic that all those English movies were already dubbed and released in all regional languages.Music which is been composed by Rajesh Roshan looks like words rather than music.Visual affects from Red chillies are like cartoon network.

     PLUS POINTS – Hrithik Roshan
    MINUS POINTS – Interval & climax
  • TollyTrendz Rating – 3/5
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