Khaidi No 150 1st / 2nd / 3rd Day Collection, 3 Days Box Office Collections

Khaidi no 150 Movie 1st / 2nd / 3rd Day / first / Second / third Day Collection, one / two / three days  Box Office Collections Income Profit Shares Report  :  khaidi no 150 telugu movie, The box office battle is all ready. The mega battle at the Telugu box office has began finally. The Mega euphoria that has got the Telugu audiences haunted has been working out well as per the initial reports from the ticket windows. After announcing the release date of the Chiranjeevi’s rebound film Khaidi No 150, the makers have increased the extent and speed of the promotions which has really worked out in a big way. The film is conveying exceptional buzz among the gathering of people and the overall pre release business has touched near 90 Crores now. The pre release buzz has helped the film in registering strong collections at the box office.

Khaidi No 150 1st / 2nd / 3rd Day Collection, 3 Days Box Office Collections

Khaidi No 150 1st Day Collection, Day 1 Box Office Collections
Khaidi No 150

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The Records shows are being arranged every where throughout the Telugu states and the main day numbers will be gigantic. In abroad, Khaidi No 150 has a tough assignment to earn back the original investment. With the late AMC – Carmike merger, the payout structure in abroad has changed and it gets harder for wholesalers to see benefits at the overseas box office. The record openings at both international and domestic markets are expected. The collections will surely increase the hype around the film which is a big boost.

Khaidi no 150 Third day Domestic / Worldwide / Overseas and Three Days  total box office ( B O)  collections As below

Day 124.86 Crores + 8.56 cr ( overseas )
Day 218 Cr* + 1.18 cr
Day 316 Cr*
Total 58.86 cr* + 9.74 Cr

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Area Wise Collections as per

G East3.501.032.281.512.261.98
G West3.001.031.841.702.702.57
AP/T Total24.8610.9620.4914.7220.9222.4

Khaidi No 150 was sold for 10 Crores in abroad ( 7.5 Crores in US and 2.5 Crores in rest of US). Khaidi No 150 ought to gather near $ 2.3 M – $ 2.6 M for earn back the original investment. Also when it comes to Indian, in both the Telugu states, the film did really well at the box office and the film helped to score big. The day one collections in the Telugu states is expected in a manner that the film will seta new recordofNon Baahibali films.

Some Tweets On Khaidi No 150 : 

  1. You & Me Boss Rock [email protected]
    Krishna dist #KhaidiNo150 1st day share 1,59,21,835/-. ALL TIME RECORD FIRST DAY .. #BossIsBack
  2. You & Me Boss Rock [email protected]
    #KhaidiNo150 Nandyal town 1st day Gross 16,19,746/-(52 shows)
    Net 14,69,377/-
    Share 12,48,627/-
    Day 1 town record.
    Prvs SGS 14.3L Gross
  3. hemanth kumarsharma™ [email protected]
    #KhaidiNo150 Nellore Dist 1st Day share 1,00,10,550 (Including b centres and c centres 23.7L fixed hires)
  4. Althaf khan [email protected]
    #KhaidiNo150 1st Day Worldwide Collections.
    Gross : 50.45Crs
    Share : 35Crs
  5. Telugu film #KhaidiNo150 is heading towards $ 1.5 mn in USA… Tue $ 1,275,497, Wed $ 156,094. Total: $ 1,431,591 [₹ 9.74 cr]. @Rentrak
  6. KKDTALKIES [email protected]
    Day2 Gross 1,68,000/-
    2Days Gross 8,20,000/-
    (To day Evening 3rd Theater
    Venkateswara Add chestunnaru)

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