Keechaka Movie Rape Scenes Leaked 2 Mins Video Viral On Net


Keechaka movie rape scene leaked : kechaka movie rape scenes recently leaked on internet and viral on social media. Keechaka is a telugu movie which is ready for the release on 30th october. As Per Censor Source almost 15 rape Scenes Were There In keechaka. For The keechaka project Success someone leaked 2 mins rape scene in youtube and goes viral on facebook, whatsapp social media. This kichaka movie rape scene now creates sensation everywhere.

         Keechaka movie directed by N V B Coudary, Produced By Kishore Parvathareddy. Keechaka Cast As Yamini Bhaskar, Jwala Koti, Raghu Babu, Giri Babu Etc, Kichaka movie rape Scenes are very rude and harassing women very badly, But How Censor Board Accepted these movie is a Big Question..  As per the source One of the team member of keechaka team intentionally leaked the video for the promotion of keechaka movie.

Keechaka Movie 30 Rape Scenes Leaked 2 Mins Video Viral On Net

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