Bhai Movie Audio Review

1) BHAI Bhai

Singers- Suchith Suresan

The songs starts with a pop music and moves into good rock theme,can say just this song will be a album hit,sometimes singers will enhance the song by their voices,Suchith Suresan will give life to the lyrics.I definitely say this is one of the best title song in Nagarjuna’s career.

Rating- 4/5.


2) O Pilla Pilla

Singers- David Simson, Rita

This song lyrics Start with Ramchakanode Chukkalo Chandurude and the beginning music of this song seems like Emi Chakkani Bangaram Edhi enimidhi Dhikkula Singaram song of gabbar singh then immediately the way of singing and background changes.Singers David Simson, Rita sung this song very well.

Rating- 2.5/5.

3) Aibaaboi Nee Choopu

Singers- Tippu, Geetha Madhuri

This is full length Mass Song in Bhai movie and sung by Tippu, Geetha Madhuri.We are so familiar of geetha madhuri’ lovely voice.She is very famous for Mass songs.Songs lyrics and also geetha madhuri’s way of singing was good.

Rating- 3/5


4) Most Wanted

Singers – Narendra, Mamatha Mohan Das

Again this is also a mass number which have scope to dance.Heroine Mamatha Mohan Das has sung this song after so many days,there’s nothing catchy in the song.

Rating- 2.5/5.

5) Nemmadiga

Singers- Venu Srirangam, Swetha Mohan

This song is a classy number,This song beginning music seems like Naa Hrudhayam Hrudhayam song which is in Surya’s Yamudu movie but the songs lyrics are good and singers Venu,Swetha mohan sung well,generally devi sri prasad is the one who constantly maintains the essence of his music.

Rating- 3/5.


Finally Devi sri Prasad did not reached the expectations of fans. Except Bhai Title Song all the other songs seems like the music is heard some where in Devi sri old movies.All Songs Lyrics are good.Comparing to devi sri prasad’s last movie songs bhai movie songs are not good . Mass songs lovers you can choose Aibaaboi Nee Choopu and Most Wanted songs.Who love classy songs you can choose Bhai title song.

Overall rating-3/5.


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