Baahubali Is A Stupid Film Says Senior Actress Jamuna


SS Rajamouli’s masterpiece Baahubali is one of the greatest hits ever. The film is achievement in every one of the dialects it discharged and is likewise discharging in a few nations in which Telugu silver screen never wandered. The film is also travelling international. Already it has been aired on few film festivals and the film has got a very good response from the audiences out there. Baahubali is going to be one greatest film in Indian Cinema and everyone will accept that but still there are faults with the film and all of us should consider it as well. When we praise a film, it is a fact that along with that there are few points to be raised.

Baahubali Is A Stupid Film Says Senior Actress Jamuna

bahubali prabhas

We have seen the whole country discussing the film and the enormity of Rajamouli. Presumably the veteran performing artist Jamuna couldn’t come into terms of the present day silver screen. Back in those days, the movies are a greater amount of subject situated. There were fantasy films, socio fantasy films, fiction films and all of them are rich on technical works as well as content. On the other side, Baahubali-2 is being prepared for mid 2017 discharge. Obviously the World is sitting tight for the motion picture to discharge. Each moment point of interest of the film is making enormous enthusiasm for crowd and film lovers. And here is what Jamuna has felt about the film.

Recently Veteran actress, Jamuna calls the movie as a stupid film. She made this comment directly to media when she came to Rajamahendravaram for a private event.  “My grandson insisted and I saw the film. Its a stupid film. There is nothing in the film except for technical values. Except for hero role, the director faltered in selecting all the roles. Anushka should have been the heroine,” Jamuna said to media.

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