5th Day Collection : Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani Box Office Collections


Dilwale 5th Day Collection Vs Bajirao Mastani Fifth Day / 5 Days / Day 5 box office Collection : The biggest box office war in the year between two Bollywood movies dilwale vs bajirao mastani is going on at a rapid pace without any disturbances. The films Bajirao Masthani and Dilwale are fighting for their domination at the box office and the trade experts are busy in calculating the revenues. Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon starrer, Dilwale, is minting good money at the box office worldwide. When compared with the other Hindi film, this film is doing really well and has been collecting decent figures and so far it has grabbed 65.09 Crores in the domestic market, and minted 29.85 Crores overseas, by the third day of its release. Rohit Shetty is the man who is behind the film Dilwale. Releasing in more than 3000 screens  has been an advantage to the film Dilwale.

5th Day Collection : Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani Box Office Collections 

5th Day Collection : Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani Box Office Collections
dilwale vs bajirao mastani

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Dilwale’s screen count, is much higher than Bajirao Mastani, resulting in the less collections of Bajirao Masthani but in terms of content, the film Bajirao is moving forward with greater speed. Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh, tweeted as saying,

  1. Dilwale 5th Day Collection : five days / day 5

“#Dilwale Fri 21 cr, Sat 20.09 cr, Sun 24 cr. Total: ₹ 65.09 cr. India biz. Good growth on Sunday.”

Dilwale 5th day collection as per source is 9.42 Cr

Total 5 days Dilwale collection as below

  1. Dilwale 1st day 21 crores
  2. Dilwale Second Day 20.09 crores 
  3. Dilwale 3rd day 24 cr
  4. Dilwale Fourth Day 10.09 cr
  5. Dilwale fifth day 9 .42 cr

Bajirao Mastani Fifth Day Collection :  

“#BajiraoMastani had a SOLID Mon [10% to 15% decline from Fri]. Fri 12.80 cr, Sat 15.52 cr, Sun 18.45 cr, Mon 10.25 cr. Total: ₹ 57.02 cr.

As Per Source Bajirao Mastani 5th Day Collection is 9.40 Cr

  • #Dilwale declines 50%+ on Mon from Fri. Fri 21 cr, Sat 20.09 cr, Sun 24 cr, Mon 10.09 cr. Total: ₹ 75.18 cr. India biz. With
  • #BajiraoMastani overtaking #Dilwale on Mon, it will be interesting to see how they perform over next weekend [25-27 Dec]. India biz. ” he posted today.

Dilwale 5th day collection , bajirao mastani 5th day collection will be updated here

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  1. I ashamed those pepole who are trying to say that Dilwale is good movie….. third class movie and third class story….plz guys don’t see this movie…save ur valuable money and time..
    Third class Dilwale

  2. For all the haterz of shahrukh khan I need to say that the collections of the film ain’t affected by bajirao mastani it is affected by the people whoz calling a ban on the movie ……
    Dear haterz if u were not present during his struggle ,,, plzzzz stay silent during his success

  3. Sharam aani chahiye hinduon ko deshdrohi ki movie ki tarif karke doob maro chullu bhar paani mein tumhe hindu kehlane ka koi adhikar nhi hai kabhi kisi mulle ko in deshdrohi ki burai karte suna hai aur woh saare mulle BM movie ki burai kar rhe hai kyunki woh hinduon ki movie hai Har Har Mahadev

  4. Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale is a great family entertainment, and its target audience probably is family with people of all ranges from kids to elderly. So, if you feel you are the target I recommend you to watch it in this great festive season. It’s got lot of dramas, hyper action and some uncontrollable comedy. I think, the only honest feedback of mine will be it is little fast paced story telling that makes story seem incoherent. However, this definitely doesn’t fail the movie, and so don’t get misled by baseless (or even biased) comments (though I completely respect their personal opinion). Enjoy the excellent performances and hard work of all casts including SRK, Kajol, Varun and Kriti. ????

  5. Story of Dilwale:-SRK loves Kajol,Kajol hates SRK
    After sometime:both love each other
    After sometime:Kajol again hate SRK
    At end:Again both love each other….
    I really pity those people who say Its a brilliant movie…Third class movie….

    • Dilwale 1st day 21 crores Dilwale Second Day 20.09 crores Dilwale 3rd day 24 cr Dilwale Fourth Day 10.09 cr Dilwale fifth day 9 .42 cr

      BajiraoMastani had a SOLID Mon [10% to 15% decline from Fri]. Fri 12.80 cr, Sat 15.52 cr, Sun 18.45 cr, Mon 10.25 cr. Total: ₹ 57.02 cr.

      shame shame dilwale team(SRK,KAJAL,DHAVAN,KRITI,ROHIT SHETTY) Struggling with DEEPIKA BAJIRAOMASTANI

  6. Box office collections are so less that this site is also feeling shame to declare it’s real numbers of box office collections, quickly.